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Welcome New Recruit to Obsidian Shard Collective
Thank you for signing up with us to become apart of the collective. Our clan website come with hundreds of features, perfect for all of your gaming needs. Get in-game rewards and possibly other rewards. my xbox gt is A St0ned Zombie so send me request so I can send you a gift* of your choice paid by me for you. Welsome to the OSC Clan. Ad Victoriam Gamers!
Warframe Clan: ObsidianShardCollective
Warface Clan: OSC-Task-Force
Ghost Recon Task Force: [TOSC] The Obsidian Shard Collective
Destiny 2: Obsidian Shard Collective

*need to earn the gift in respected tournaments or as a reward, don't expect handouts with me. unless I'm feeling generous. 
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9th Oct obsidianshardcollect
We have multiple games you can be promoted in hierarchy's will be posted later.
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9th Oct obsidianshardcollect created a new topic Welcome to our website!
Welcome to our new website! We're finally settled into our new home. Please make...
9th Oct obsidianshardcollect just joined our community, welcome!
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